Staging to Sell

home staging sarasota stagingExperts agree… You only have 10 seconds to impress someone when they walk into your home. That initial moment is critical.

The cost of properly staging your home will actually be substantially LESS than your first price reduction! Staging helps the homebuyer see themselves living in the space and not be distracted by furniture/accessories or strong colors that leave negative impressions.

Get It Sold Package

The ultimate package where the professional stagers assess your home's marketability based on buyer demographic, physical location and presentation of the property to potential buyers.

There are three major steps in the Get It Sold package: 

​​​Step 1: A Walk-through of the home with the homeowner or representative. The trained, objective eye of the DHS stager will look at:

  • Furniture reconfiguration/replacement
  • Accessory reconfiguration/ placement
  • Art updates and additions
  • Clutter/organization management
  • Color changes
  • Bedroom linens
  • Kitchen and bathroom countertop elements
  • Repairs/general needed updates
  • Curb appeal enhancements

Step 2:​ A summary report is produced highlighting any items and issues discovered during the walk-through, prioritized remedial actions and specific recommendations from Distinctive Home Styling professionals about what actions need to be completed to enhance the properties marketability.

Step 3: The physical work of transforming your property in to a buyer's delight. This step may include removing and/or replacing existing furniture, accessories and artwork in your home to maximize the WOW factor of your property. You should be aware that the chosen furniture may not be to your taste, but it is designed to showcase your property to its fullest and to the broadest range of homebuyers in your area.

Our Get It Sold package is the ideal option for vacant homes and older homes with dated furnishings. A monthly rental fee for all placed pieces will be assigned to this package.

Stage It Up Package

This service is ideal for homeowners who want to "go it alone" and have the ability to get the recommendations done quickly and properly.

​Our Stage It Up package includes steps 1 and 2 of Get It Sold (walk-through assessment,

report and recommendations), but in this package, Distinctive Home Styling professionals use ONLY the existing homeowner's furniture, accessories and art work (no furniture rental charges).

Stagers will schedule a 1- or 2-day "reconfiguration" session at the home to arrange the existing furniture, accessories, art work and bedding to maximize the marketability of the home.

Stage It Up is a good option if the home has been recently remodeled and contains newer or up-scale furnishings.

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